happyyyyy new year 2024
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Cyde “creates”, “craft” & “reinforces” a sustainable identity for your unique brand. By the power of graphics and content, Cyde turn minutest things into exquisite designs.
Two sunbeds with illustration on top.
Lifting two handheld Lowee cake box high
LOwee Bakery
Take you into Sweet World, Where connection is our Flavor.
Packing Pocket
Portfolio Management & LP Reporting tool
Hello World
Code Agency
U13 Vietnam & Japan
Aspiring to become a national team player.
Website concept
The concept is still in the development phase, with an expected launch earliest in February 2024. You can subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.
Lowee Bakery featured at World Brand Design Society
Cyde Designs Lowee Bakery Brand And Packaging Design That Takes You Into Sweet World.
Lowee Bakery Featured in we love daily
This project marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Lowee, where the sweetness of its treats intertwines with the warmth of community, creating a brand that is not just about products but about shared moments and connections.